Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Aljathlani

Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Aljathlani

The Founder of the Office

Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Bin Saleh Al-Mefleh Aljathlani Previous Judge in the Board of Grievances.

  • A holder of PhD Degree in Policy legitimacy, certified from High Judiciary Institute - Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University.
  • Holder of Master Degree certificate from High Judiciary Institute - legal Policy Department, Laws Section, and B.A. in Sharia'ah (Islamic Law) Degree from college of Sharia'ah in Riyadh – Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University.
  • Worked as Judiciary Researcher in Public Rights Department in the Ministry of Interior for two years.

Then a Royal Decree has been issued in 1419H corr.1998G for appointment him as a Judge of The Board of Grievance for ten years, until issuance of The Royal Decree for accepting the resignation in 1429H corr. 2008G.


Participations in the Special Committees for preparing and formatting some regulations

He has several participations in the Special Committees for preparing and formatting some regulations representing The Board of Grievances during his work period. The systems that he has participated in preparing or formatting or amending as follows:

  • System of Drugs Fighting and the Mental Effects issued in 1426H (2005 G).
  • Judicature and board of grievance systems and the executive mechanism to them issued in 1428H. (2007 G).
  • Member of the Special Committee that formed by The Royal Decree in 1421H (2000 G), for the purpose of investigating some of sides related to valley fever that spreaded in south of the kingdom especially in Jazan, as well as discovering the probable reasons for spreading this disease to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its first spread in Jazan region, as well as investigating the general performance of the competent governmental departments for fighting and treating this disease during its spread in Jazan region.

Participations in courses and workshops

Lawyer Mohammed has participated in many courses and workshops that held by The Board of Grievances for its staff in several places inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in different judiciary branches as follows:

  • The commercial Law.
  • The Administrative Law.
  • The Penal Law.

He has performed many media participations in reading and visual mass media by specialized journal articles or TV interview in discussion programs that focused on legal and judicial affairs.