Our Services

Our Areas of Services are cotegrized as follows :-
Representing corporate body such as companies, institutions or individuals.
Procedural Practice:

  • Formation and liquidation of companies.
  • Registration of trademarks, commercial agencies and franchises.
  • Follow up on issuing of foreign investment licenses.
  • Settling labor issues .

Litigation Practice:
Participate in arbitration commissions to consider disputes arising from administrative or commercial contracts, and administrative decisions.

  • Litigation in financial, civil, commercial, administrative and labor matters, as well as insurance, zakat & taxation, estate,communications, real estate and customs issues.
  • Preparation of legal memos and objection/appeal and to challenge administrative decisions.
  • Providing studies on evaluating the success of cases and disputes.

Advisory Practice:
Providing legal consultations on industrial, commercial, labor, insurance, communications and civil matters, preparation and review of contracts, agreements and internal work regulations for companies, organizations, corporate body, and reviewing and evaluating thereof on the Sharia and legal point of view, attending meetings with clients, drafting Memorandums of Understanding and providing legal opinion on decisions taken.

  • Legal advice on industrial, administrative, commercial, financial, labor, insurance, communications, civil matters, customs, Saudi nationality, formation of companies, contracting, investment, intellectual property and securities.
  • Preparation and review of contracts and agreements, contracts for technology transfer and communications, and identifying compliance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •  Support of legal departments into companies and government agencies, with legal advisors and by organizing procedural works thereof.
  • Attending meetings with clients, drafting Memorandums of Understanding, and providing legal opinion on decisions they wish to take.
  • Preparation and review of internal work regulations for companies, administrative regulations, personnel regulations and internal work procedures regulations.